argh comics by rob barnes

Welcome to ARGH Comics! Written and drawn by Rob Barnes.

ARGH Comics
by Rob Barnes

What do YOU believe?

Can you believe that a book has power? We know that a book has power to convey ideas and emotion, and tell a story. A book can make you care for the characters, feel their emotions and take you to another world.

Belief is a strong thing. Belief can help you achieve things that without that belief, you would fail. I believe things that you may not. You believe things that I don’t.

Gallant and Amos must believe a book can defeat evil. Can the book do it? I believe you need to keep reading and find out the answer.

Country Days Countdown!

The annual Country Days celebration is getting closer, the first weekend in June, to be precise. To mark this event I am uploading some classic ATB (Around the Block) comics. The first ran in the Daily Journal newspaper in 2005. More will be posted as the event nears!

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