argh comics by rob barnes

Welcome to ARGH Comics! Written and drawn by Rob Barnes.

by Rob Barnes - March 2015

The website, as you can see, has undergone a full reboot and made to be responsive to the device you are on. I hope, to be easier to find the comics you want. I may not have all the ATB comics up, but will keep adding more.

I have been changing the way I make the comics. I experimented drawing and coloring a few exclusively on the iPad, then transferring them to my iMac to letter. The results were fine, but didn’t look perfect. I have since reverted back to drawing and inking the “old fashioned way”, penciling and inking, then scanning and coloring on my Macbook Pro.

This change back to analogue drawing was inspired by participating in the 2014 Inktober Challenge, submitting an inked drawing every day for the month of October. It was a great exercise and helped to knock the rust off my pen and ink skills.

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